Focused on our passion for water sports and community!

We strive to offer activities that cater to the needs of those who love an active lifestyle, from performance-oriented sportsmen and athletes, to families looking to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate.


Cool off on a hot day and challenge yourself by navigating our floating obstacle course. Open to everyone from 5 years old and with capacity for nearly 90 people, our Aqua Glide is a unique aquatic adventure that you can do individually, as a family or in a group of friends.

Before you start, the Lunar staff will equip you with a life jacket and the guidelines to stay safe and comfortable in the water.

Write us to organize an Aqua Glide event, party or challenge for your group!

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Hop into one of our kayaks for an relaxing swim on the water in the sun. We have marked and designated embarkation and disembarkation areas to help you easily navigate the water.

If you want to work on your skills and technique, ask one of our staff members or coaches for help – we’re always happy to help!

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Your vehicle is a paddle surf board, your place is the world and all the elements have been invited. Find tranquility and balance to achieve harmony with the movements of your board

Our SUP boards are buoyant, lightweight and have a leash to keep the board attached to you, just in case of an unfortunate slip!

Stay tuned to our social networks where you will have the opportunity to join one of our SUP yoga classes!

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Our self-styled “Ninja Park” is an outdoor training area that offers an interesting range of activities to test your stamina, strength and ingenuity in planning a demanding workout circuit.

The park is especially good for calisthenics training. This form of full-body training promotes self-awareness and body stability, engages and strengthens each muscle group, and expands the versatility of skills you could use to increase your performance in other sports.

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Bring your own activity – you bring the equipment and your group, and we provide the space and vibes. Lunar has served as a gymnasium, sports hall, dojo and tatami through activities such as yoga and dance classes, martial arts competitions and triathlon training.

Contact us for more information on booking, pricing and creating a suitable space for your group!

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The natural and cultural landscape that surrounds Lunar has great potential for exploration. Take some of the trails through the park on foot, board, or bike. Do you have time for a day trip? Head to the beach or to local points of interest. And when you feel like resting and recharging your batteries, stay at one of our affiliated hotels.